What I do

I will help you communicate clearly and to stand out in a crowd, by training you to use your body and voice strategically, so that you come across convincing and professional.

It can be the defining factor in many situations.

When I help people to succeed in communication, it is a gratifying experience for me and often there occurs both magical and meaningful moments during the process. It happens when my client discovers competencies and talents, they did not know they had, and I when experience them succeed. They learn new skills which they can adopt immediate and take advantage of the benefits they bring.

It is like time stands still when everything starts making sense, when we can optimise ourselves fully and feel alive.


My Services

Our lives consist of many different scenes and we carry out many different roles depending who our audience is, whether it is our customers, or parent in-laws, etc. The most important fact is being yourself, no matter what the situation is. I truly believe that we achieve the best results when we communicate from within. We need to be confident about who we are and use the right tools to influence others.

I combine creative and proven techniques to create an efficient and productive method that provides effective results for my clients. I have trained over 1000 leaders in communication skills, and I am always thrilled to see my clients develop.

Everyone can learn the techniques and you can learn them here.


management novel

Here you can buy the management novel “’Hvad leder du efter Mads”.
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About Philip

My background

I am a soul searching, curious person with international roots. Born in Congo by a Danish mother and Greek father. I spent my first years in Athens and moved to Denmark, where I grew up.

I have always found people interesting. I believe it is fascinating to learn who we are and where we are going and how we can live the life we aspire to. A large of part that, is how we communicate with each other and with ourselves.

I initially dreamt of becoming an opera singer but ended completing an education as an actor. On the way, I discovered that, who we are as people, and the active way to work with communication, interested me more than standing on a stage.

My revelation started many years ago when I experienced interactive theatre. Actors recreating everyday situations on a scene and interacting with the audience. The audience came alive and were present and engaged – so was I. In fact, I felt so alive in that moment, that I knew exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

A tremendous opportunity for me arose when I was presented with this unique way of combining creative practice and concrete knowledge. This also meant years of further education as a facilitator, coach and process consultant, in order to manage the art of combining my acting background with communication training and being qualified to teach others.

To excel, you need to practise and train. It is like learning to ride a bicycle. You can watch others cycle but you need to get on the saddle to learn it.

It is the same with communication. Communication happens when interacting with others and is often unpredictable. The outcome can be very different to what you expected. Therefore, training is a prerequisite to strengthening the necessary competences.