We offer 4 types of courses in training communication





Virtual communication training

The digital journey has begun. Virtual meetings are here to stay. It is a new language we must become confident using. Being able to communicate effectively online is a core skill, that you can develop here.

Do you feel like developing your presentation or an important upcoming meeting?

Then book me for online training here. I offer all my services online and in real life

You will achieve sustainable results, which you can use for the rest of your life

You know that the best solution is not always a quick fix. You also know that your efforts equal your outcome and when you invest yourself, you get the best results.

Just like how you know what is good for you, you also know what is good for your business. Understanding your potential and what your needs are, is the starting point in identifying improvement areas.

With my 20 years’ experience, we can put together a solution that matches you and your business. I will set the bar high and challenge you, in a safe environment. You will be in the centre and I will guide you all the way.

All sessions tailored to what you need.

You can choose from a solo or a group session, workshops to individual training. Whatever you choose, we can tailor the program to meet your expectations and requirements, to get the best possible results.


You are the centre of my coaching





The three elements of my methodology

I work with communication on three levels:
Your mind, what are you saying and what would you like to accomplish.
Your body, how are you appear? How your body and voice support what you want to achieve.
Your emotions, your commitment, what drives you.


These three elements are an extension of who you are, your values, experiences and professionalism. I think it is fascinating to develop your ability to use these elements strategically in your communication.

Film om præsentationsteknik


Personal development

Good communication starts with your inner dialogue.

Personal development is a dialogue process about creating greater clarity about who you are and what’s going on in your life.

Clarity gives you a better starting point for making important decisions. Clarity can also support you in coming to terms with circumstances that currently seem difficult.

The conversation takes place with a focus on you, right now right here. The conversation focuses on your own practice, and we examine the motives behind it. This insight allows you to change your patterns and thus achieve the changes you strive for.

Personal development can be about:

  • Priorities in your life
  • Important choices you need to make
  • Greater clarification about your personal WHY
  • Developing personal qualities
  • Changing nonconstructive patterns in your life

With personal development you can improve your personal impact and ability to act.

  • 1 hour
  • 3 hours
  • A whole day
  • Agreed as needed.


1 : 1 – conversation training

How do you tell Birgitte, that her bad mood affects the atmosphere in the office?

How do you start the conversation with Søren about his bad breath and that it is a problem for his colleagues?

How do you tell Louise, that you are not happy with her work ethic in the team?

A conversation can be the beginning of a fruitful collaboration or the end of one. Too many conversations are not taken in the stride. It’s a shame because all parties suffer from it.

Often it is caused by fear of damaging the relationship even more and due to lack of skills. Ensuring a good relationship and at the same time be firm about your position, is a skill we can all learn.

The objective is to equip you with good conversational skills, no matter what the subject is. Your reason for the conversation will be the starting point.

You may wish to create a behavioural change, build a stronger relationship, or conduct a difficult or sensitive conversation, for example:

  • Collaboration issues / negative attitude
  • Generation barrier, millennium
  • Performance discussions/appraisals
  • Workplace hygiene and appropriate attire

We will work together to discover and develop your strengths and areas of improvement. In a safe environment, you will be tested in bespoke scenarios and receive feedback and relevant methods on how to optimise your communication.

The starting point for the training can be a case you want to work on or a generic scene. You will play yourself and a professional actor will play your counterpart.

You will define the goal and prepare the actor for the conversation. We will then act and re-enact the ‘scene’ several times using different techniques, which will allow you to find out which technique works best for you.

  • Structure a meeting and create a common platform
  • Use body language and voice to create trust so that your counterpart listens to you
  • Choose the right questioning technique so that you can obtain information and control the conversation
  • Ensure that you are both on the same wavelength when conversing
  • Maintain focus and avoid feelings taking control
  • Grasp the unexpected and use it to your advantage
  • Differentiate between different types of conversations so that your objectives are clear
  • Counter emotional reactions so that they do not obstruct you obtaining your objective
  • Prepare, conduct, and follow up on a conversation in order to achieve your goal
  • Communicate clearly and to the point without being too forthright
  • Individual training
  • Group training (4-18 participants)
den svære samtale samtaletræning

1 : Many – Presentation training

Good presentation creates interest and motivation

No matter what the topic, whether it is technical or trivial, a good communicator can captivate an audience. On the other hand, an inexperienced presenter can lose his listeners’ attention within a few second – even with the most fascinating subject matter.

Your engagement can make the difference.

Do you need a boost or a break-through? Can you make your material more interesting? Are you nervous when you need make presentations?

Familiarity with effective tools can make your communication, clear, interesting, and captivating.

For example, when you need to

  • Introduce new products, solutions, or a presentation
  • Lecture, train or facilitate
  • Share information and give a status update

This course will be based on who you.

Why? Because, when you dare to be yourself, you are able to communicate from within yourself, and this makes your connection stronger and more compelling. You will learn how to

  • Control your nervousness when speaking in front of a large audience
  • Keep your audiences’ attention
  • Communicate messages so that they interesting and remembered.


The course teaches you to convert thoughts and ideas into actions. You will get the opportunity to test the different techniques in scenarios in front of an audience. Throughout, you will receive constructive feedback and learn how to exploit your personality as an asset.

Together, we will focus on:

  1. Identifying what your core message is
  2. How you package it
  3. How you deliver it


You will work on:

  • The storyline for your presentation, so that you can stay focussed and allow time for questions
  • Storytelling and metaphors to support your message
  • Rhetorical techniques, such as core sentences to make the message stick
  • Visual effects, such as PowerPoint presentations, flipcharts, and written material
  • Mental strategies and memo techniques to support memory and your presence
  • Conscious positioning of yourself in a given space
  • Strategical use of your body language and voice in order to optimise trust and credibility
  • Filling the stage with a with a natural authority to draw the attention of the audience
  • To obtain intimacy and contact when you communicate online
  • Individual training
  • Group Training (4-18 participants)

Many : Many – Collaboration / Culture / Change

Good collaboration creates a healthy culture.

Understanding how to optimise the diversity in a team can increase the synergy, collaboration, and productivity in your business. If not address properly, it can create conflict and an unhealthy environment, which will show on the bottom line. A good business culture is essential for a healthy environment.

Your attitude makes the difference.

To use diversity constructively and strengthen collaboration in a group, department, or business.

Typical scenarios:

  • The customer’s experience
  • Management and communication during times of change
  • Team collaboration / cross-functional collaboration
  • Interpersonal communication (‘the tone’)

Communication is the key to collaboration.

When employees understand how to interact clearly and constructively, both internally and externally, you will see a positive result on your bottom line.

Through interactive theatre (forum theatre), developed together with you, professional actors will act out dilemmas from your real-life situations and involve you in the solutioning. The goal is to find the best solution to any given situation.

Through fiction we observe reality, and learn to act accordingly.

The forum theatre works as a conversation tool, which lets participants discuss and test relevant challenges and solutions in a safe environment with skilled guidance. The professional actors will test the company’s own suggested solutions and convert theory into practise (U-turn Theory).

A message is remembered better when it is disseminated through experience. Everyone takes a larger ownership in the process with direct involvement and contribution to the solution. Through an interactive process, everyone actively participates in developing a mutual communication culture and makes progress.

The workshop can also include training in break-out groups with a follow-up discussion and summary in plenum.

What you can expect from a theme day with forum theatre

  • A common framework of references on relevant challenges
  • The opportunity for all participants to be seen and heard
  • A common understanding of where the company is and its vision
  • Testing of different solutions and scenarios in a safe environment
  • Insight in how the individual can make a difference
  • A memorable experience for all your senses

20-1000 participants


I will use my 20 years of experience to tailor a course that matches your business needs.

It can consist of a few or several elements from the three different courses I offer or be something completely different! You are welcome to write or call me. Tell me what you need, and we can put together a goal orientated solution.